Can be clear or white, can have a matte, glossy or semi-gloss appearance. The material is biodegradable and compostable and can be made from Sugar cane fibers, hemp, linen, or wood pulp. Can be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to be sourced from managed forests and complies to food regulation for direct food contact and biodegradability and composability regulations.

Offers eye-catching appeal in store, and can be generic and printed in large volume for cost saving and long use.

Comes in white and off-white colours. Is a paper and adhesive that is highly water soluble and dissolves within seconds in normal tap water. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, ensuring the product comes from well-managed forests which provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Adds visual impact to a product. It is a very bright silver metallized top coated polypropylene facestock. It features excellent printability with a high gloss or matte finish.  For prime labeling applications where resistance against water, oil, heat or chemicals is important. For the promotion of toiletries, cosmetics and other point of sale applications.

A high sensitivity thermal ticket for direct thermal printers. Can be double-sided and for use outdoors, indoors, hot or cold. They are durable in all kinds of environmental situations.

Designed to allow the complete removal of label and adhesive for proper recycling. CleanFlake Adhesive Technology is a clear, permanent acrylic adhesive, designed to enable polyethylene bottle and thermoform container recycling per the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Design Guide for Plastics Recyclability.

Offers a great deal of flexibility. Consecutive numbering or Sequential barcodes, variable printing makes each label unique and personalized.

Used on plastic resealable clamshell food packaging including cakes, sweets, fruit and vegetables. They can have printing on the adhesive underside if needed. Has an all-temperature adhesive designed to provide good room temperature performance, and excellent cold temperature performance.

Useful labels on reusable plastic packaging crates. Comes off easily for crate re-use but resists peeling, friction and moisture.

Perfect material for service counter, digital scale, parcel delivery and logistics. Produces less waste than labels on a liner and suitable for use in a variety of direct thermal label printers.

This product is suitable for use in a variety of direct thermal label printers for on the spot labelling

Labels that may be used in contact with food packaging under FDA’s Conditions of Use C “hot filled or pasteurized above 150°F” through “frozen or refrigerated storage: ready-prepared foods intended to be re-heated in container at time of use”.

A pressure-sensitive label that can be peeled off to reveal a coupon code or barcode printed on the back. Useful for promotions, contests or to share more product information.

A unique and useful label with a permanent bottom layer and a peelable and re-stickable top layer. Useful for adding more information such as recipes, promoting contests, more detailed instructions, legal text and more.

FDA-certified adhesive allows these labels to safely adhere to fruit and vegetables. PLU (price look up) labels are lightweight, coated facestock offering a balance of economy and performance. It is an all-temperature adhesive designed to provide good room temperature performance and excellent cold temperature performance.

Used heavily in grocery stores, pharmacies, warehouses, and home renovation stores. In any environment that is heavily shelved, they can be printed out quickly with direct thermal printers. They can also be pre-printed with colour to make discount items and sales items stand out.

A plastic polypropylene label, provides excellent strength in a medium thickness synthetic material. Tag stock has high strength and great durability which is suitable for outdoor and freezer use. It is tear, moisture and chemical resistant while providing superior printability. They can be FDA Compliant for direct food contact.

Ensures the freshness and security of products by covering the lids and openings of packages until opened by consumers.

Industry Specific

Access has a lot of experience producing a variety of labels to promote premium seafood products. Labels that can withstand the moisture and freezing environments needed to preserve seafood products both in the store and while shipping.

Access has assisted food producers move their products with vivid colorful labels that provide vital information on the product and guarantees the scanability of barcodes. Usage of Semigloss, clear and white poly labels that have a long shelf life and ability to survive unscathed in freezers.

Vitamins, naturopathic products, pain relief creams and more. Access has helped our client design attractive and detailed labels with accurate and legible information to help protect and educate the consumers of health care products.

Access has produced attractive and resilient labels to promote the fruit and vegetable and grain based products for food growing companies of all sizes.

Access has helped promote the brands of small and medium sized craft brewers of wine, cider, beer and liquor. Usage of Metallic, Clear and Estate materials with gloss and matte finishes to catch the consumers eye in store.

Access can help print waterproof and oil resistant labels that are durable and attractive. Skin care, lip balm and other cosmetic products require adherence to FDA regulations to give consumers confidence that products are safe to use.